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A Spiritual Journey

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A Unique Tarot Card Reader

There is an innate gift in all humans. It has been my task to try and understand that gift and enhance it. My journey has lead me to experience some things that would be paranormal. But it has opened my eyes to the quantity of human struggles that happen in perfectly normal people's lives. As as result of that in 2006, I became a full time tarot reader. I am also alternative health curious and have a history of teaching people about health and complimentary wellness as well as how alternative spirituality can help you get closer to the truth. Also the language of spiritual communities, its benefits and challenges. Get in touch for the best therapeutic readings of your life. Subscribe to my exclusive content to find out more about the journey.

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What They’re Saying

so in tune. I mean like he was reading my p.o.i as if my person was telling him what was on there mind. I have good feelings about the future to come after this read. finally may be see some progress.


It was a great reading. He was very quick to pick up on my situation and to give me insight to help better things.


Great reading! He was thorough, insightful, and honest. He also provided guidance on how to get where you ultimately want to go. I would def reach out again for another reading.


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