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A lifetime of getting closer to the truth one question at a time.

Full time Tarot reader with a history in psychic fairs going back to the age 19. After having received not only an excellent university education in counselling, psychology, sociology and the natural sciences, I explored "normal jobs" and decided that returning to my first love, psychic reading, was the job for me. After not only professional education and work experience and much self education, I went self employed as a tarot reader in 2006 much to the concern of family and friends! But I made a sucess of it and have now helped tens of thousands of people in their lives. Remember a tarot reader is someone who has dedicated themselves to learning how to be there for you through education and experience no matter what is happening for you. Yes I have a curiosity about all things esoteric as a result of supernatural experiences in my youth. And most people need a service that is more targeted to them. Why not have a reading with me and see what its all about?

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